Special Christmas eve menu and seatings

Our annual Christmas eve seating at Seattle Eats Home Restaurant is going to be December 24st, 2013.

We will seat the usual three tables of four diners and a table for two. Currently there are 8 seats left.
The cost is $300 per seat all included.

The menu is set, and as usual there are no substitutions.

Eagle eggs pickled in tarragon and capers served with duckling tarts.
Blood pudding treats, a house specialty.
Spiced just fed leeches breaded and fried in butter. Always a favourite.

Florida Manatee brains with hearts of palm and fresh Queen Anne Cherries.*
Sea Turtle with asparagus, fresh tarragon and ginger.

South American Black Panther braised and served in clear consume.
Vancouver Island otter shredded with sweet spice, prawns and otter sweetbreads.

Steak and Kidney pie made from LA runaways.
Tenderloin of the rare black South American Jaguar, rolled and stuffed with macerated mozzarella cheese.

Strawberries and Whipped Cream made from human milk served with flour-less chocolate cake.
Donuts cooked in rendered manatee lard. This imparts a delicate sweet aftertaste without any greasy feeling.
*The Manatee brains will be short pickled and lemon cured. After the unfortunate incident with the monkey brains we have had to curtail past practices. We wish it was otherwise but the situation is completely out of our hands.
We also wish a speedy recovery for the remaining five clients currently in coma’s in the fourth floor isolation unit. The scars and pocks did clear up. We apologize for the unfortunate incident with the lemon cardamom cookies, there was simply no way we could know that cardamom had such a negative effect on those taking that particular drug. We are heartened to learn that the condition is temporary, will soon remedy itself and you will be able to leave the vicinity of the bathroom soon.


2 thoughts on “Special Christmas eve menu and seatings

  1. Angry man says:

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! You aught to be ashamed of yourself to boot licking psychopath!!!!!
    I’m going to come down there and tear your head off you scum sucking puke!!

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